Bahá’í Children’s Classes


Children are the most precious treasure a community can possess, for in them are the promise and guarantee of the future
Bahá’í Writings

Bahá’í writings emphasise that education must be spiritual as well as material. Spiritual education embodies those virtues or attributes which, when kindled in the hearts and minds of children, not only guid their morals, but also enhance their material education.

Basic Themes Taught

  • The Bahá’í Faith and its principles
  • Knowledge of God - the loving Creator of all
  • The spiritual nature of people
  • The importance of prayer
  • Moral and character education
  • Development of the virtues
  • Respect for parents and elders
  • The importance of family
  • Elimination of prejudice
  • Celebration of unity in diversity
  • The oneness of the world’s major religions
  • World peace begins with each one of us
  • Men and women are equal
  • Service to others as worship to God
Bahá’í children’s classes

The children will learn about the Bahá’í Faith and develop a respect for all the World’s faiths and their teachings. Children are taught to love and respect people from all religions. All the major religions have sprung from the same Source and all have played their part in God’s unfolding guidance to mankind.

The Programme

The children’s class programme is well organised, systematic, and follows a curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of children at different age levels. Teachers in charge of classes are all trained and have police clearance. Teachers have assistants to ensure the smooth running of the classes.

All classes regularly make use of the arts. Memorisation of prayers and of other passages is regarded as important. There are no course fees but there may be a small fee to help cover cost of hall hire or materials.

Parental Participation

parental particiption

Parents are invited to study all the materials and lesson plans in the curriculum. These are available for all parents. Parents are also very welcome to attend the classes and to assist the teachers with supervision.


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